Security and surveillance solutions for construction sites

The most efficient solution to secure and monitor your construction sites

Security and surveillance solutions for construction sites have been developed especially to secure and monitor the hardest and the most difficult construction sites.

Thanks to its flexibility and speed of implementation , the Solidbot systems are the most efficient and cost effective solutions to secure and monitor any construction area .

An alarm system specially developed to secure construction sites, deployed in minutes

With its unique intercom system , your entire construction site will be secure in minutes within a radius of up to 1km and around one Solidbot …

How does Solidbot works?

The Solidbot security solutions for construction sites are equipped with a central last cry of alarm, specifically developed for construction zones. Offering in addition to the traditional monitoring of construction sites, the ability to place different sensors attendance and movements in all sensitive areas and in your construction machinery.

All the alerts are treated in our intelligent modules and prevent false alarms. The different cameras take the specific related position to directly visualize what happens.

Processed alerts are then sent to a central monitoring station that can connect directly to the camera or deployed to control what happens on the site.

Depending on various scenarios established with you, they will contact the police or the security company responsible for the construction project be paid to the issue.

Our solutions for security and monitoring of construction site are fully developed to integrate with any existing system, you will be totally free to work with the central monitoring and security company that suits you best to make sure of pay the right price for all of these services.

Monitor and check what 's happening on your remote construction sites

24/7 access via smartphone or tablet to images of your construction sites

Watch real-time and / or advancements differre all your site from any smartphone or tablet authorized.

Recording and monitoring of telemetric data of your construction sites

Save and check anytime all the telemetry data that you would follow ( moisture level of the soil, temperature of some areas , fuel level , …).

Access control of your construction sites

Please check your whereabouts all thanks to its unique solution for access control for construction project linking the physical identification badge through a personalized video verification.

Extra light solution if necessary

In addition to the integrated infrared solutions , the solutions can take advantage of powerful directional spots providing visibility to 100 meters. These solutions are directly connected to the electrical system of Solidbot it requires no external power and can ensure visibility even in case of failure of the local electrical sytem.

Creation of promotional videos tracing the entire history of your construction sites in seconds

Finally to give your customers the ability to view the entire work , our solutions can take pictures day always at the same time to form a film ” timelaps for construction site ” allowing to have in seconds the complete evolution of the site from its origin to its receipt.

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